General Information

If you grew up in Ireland you may wish to consider returning home. If you are thinking of living and working in Ireland for the first time there are many advantages to living and working in the country. This page will give assistance on where to get further information on services you may require.

If you are new to Ireland you will be pleased to know that the country is well linked internationally by both air and ferry networks. Most European cities have regular direct flights in and out of a number of well located airports which makes it a perfect launching pad for travelling. There is a nationwide bus network servicing all cities and most towns and villages. A mainline train service operates throughout Ireland.

Information is available about public transport in Ireland on Citizen’s Information page:

Driving in Ireland

Full driving licences from all other EU member states (and some other countries) are recognised for use in Ireland. It may be possible to convert your driving licence to an Irish one. Please see for further details. If you want to bring your car to Ireland you need to know about importing a car and implications for Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Further information is available on


If you are moving to Ireland and are considering renting or buying a property, the following websites will provides lots of useful information and available properties.


As an Irish citizen you do not need permission to work in Ireland. If it is your first time to work in Ireland, you should apply for a Personal Public Service Number and find out about tax and starting work. You can find information about employment rights and conditions in Ireland such as minimum pay, leave and hours of work in the employment category on If you have a PPS number but don’t know what it is you can contact Department of Social Protection.

You can also find lots of useful information on

Taxation and banking

You will also be entitled to certain income tax credits and reliefs. For example, tax relief is available for certain medical expenses. To find out more about taxes please contact your local Revenue office

When you are opening a bank account in Ireland, you have to provide proof of your identity and of your address in Ireland.

Health services

If you are normally resident in Ireland, you are entitled to a range of health services that are either free of charge or subsidised by the Irish Government. You are considered to be normally resident if you are planning to live in Ireland for a year or more. GP Visit Cards for children under 6 entitle your child to free GP (family doctor) visits. In addition to the public health system, people in Ireland can avail of a range of private health care services. You must pay the full costs of treatment if you opt for private health care. There are a number of private health insurance companies in Ireland.


If you are moving to Ireland with your family you can find information about education in Ireland on the Department of Education and Skills website Children are entitled to free education in publicly funded primary and second-level schools. There is a guide for parents to the Irish education system (pdf) that you may find useful.